Project 333 an Experiment | Project Minimalism

It’s been quite a while since I met with you all here on this blog, and even longer since we talked about project minimalism.  The road to becoming a minimalist has been quite a long and difficult so far.  Last time I talked with you guys about minimalism I was talking about the difficulty of letting go of things I’m sentimental about.  And then recently among the numerous things I’ve been researching lately I came across Project 333.

The long and the short of Project 333 is that it’s a “minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months” created by Courtney Carver.  If you would like to read more about Project 333 it can be found here.

I have decided to give Project 333 an attempt. In the interest of learning to live and dress with less, I’ve decided to take 3 months to try and complete the minimalist fashion challenge. My first attempt will be 33 items and if I find success I will try again with a lower number of items.   My progress and thoughts will be updated on here under the Project 333 category.  The plan is to have weekly update posts for 3 months as well as: a post after this one detailing the 33 items I’m going to use throughout this first run of the challenge and then a final post with my overall thoughts.

I have yet to finalize my 33 items list so I won’t be starting until I’ve done that, but I hope to begin later this week.  Through this project I hope to achieve few things.


  • Live more with less
  • Learn a bit more about my personal style
  • Determine which wardrobe pieces are my favorite and which I don’t even use anymore
  • Pair down my wardrobe more

Have you heard of Project 333 before? Do you think you can have survive on  only 33 pieces of clothing (including shoes and accessories, not including undergarments and sleepwear) for three months?   What would be some of your 33 (what can you not live without)?

Until next time!






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Girls Night In: A Good Friend

Happy Friday everyone!  First let me congratulate you on getting through another week.  You did well, so let’s relax and unwind since it’s the beginning of the weekend.  I’m not one to go out usually on Friday’s. I like to kick back put my hair up, put on my jammies and do almost nothing.

Tonight’s Girls Night In topic is a requested one:

Grab your beverage of choice and a snack, because I have a lot to say about this one.

I am no stranger to the wide array of “friend” types, as I have lived through both high school and college floating from group to group never solidly staying in one spot.  To me there are three tells that you can look for that tell you that a person is a good friend.

  1. You don’t feel hesitant about telling that person anything.  A good friend wouldn’t judge you for anything, even if they didn’t understand.  There for you wouldn’t have any reason to hold back on your feelings or your thoughts or what’s happening in your life.
  2. They listen to you.  This kind of ties in with the first point actually.  A good friend actually listens to you and when I say listen I don’t mean listening to reply to you. There are two kinds of listening. Listening to respond and listening to actually understand and converse.  A good friend doesn’t just listen to answer whatever you’re saying. They listen to understand you and to support you.
  3. They do not push you into doing things you don’t want to/feel comfortable doing. Any good friend wouldn’t ever ask you to do things that you don’t want to do. If they insist that you should do it and try to pressure you into it even after you’ve told them that you don’t want to then they aren’t a good friend.  Bottom line is that good friends understand when to stop asking.

Sometimes I find it really hard to figure out who really is a good friend and who isn’t (I can be really terrible at reading people) so I determined for myself what three things I had to be sure of when considering people my friends.  Some people may argue that there are more things that could be added to that list, but I think that when you really get down to it those three tells listed above are really all you need to tell if you have a good friend or not.

My best friend and I are complete opposites.  We’ve been best friends since the 9th grade, which was when we met.  Honestly we at first thought that the other hated us and really awkwardly kind of danced around each other for a while, but one day despite all of our differences we started talking and the rest is history.  Throughout my high school career we weren’t the closest of friends. We ran in some of the same circles, but were never actually close until the end of 10th grade.  That being said I do still consider her to have been my best friend since 9th grade and I’ll tell you why.

I was quite the pushover in high school. I was known to be in one main group of friends with three other girls and I stuck quite closely to them thinking these girls were going to be my best friends for the rest of our lives.  I was wrong, because back then I hadn’t figured out my top three things for identifying good/real friends. They weren’t particularly good influences on me and as a young impressionable teenager I did a lot of stuff that I hadn’t really wanted to do, but because I was with them, did anyways.

The problem with the group of girls that I hung out with, was they weren’t real friends.  I often felt like I couldn’t open up to them in case they’d laugh at me or they’d just ignore me or brush me off.  Which may have you thinking ‘why in the hell did she even bother with them?’  The truth is, I didn’t know any better. I didn’t realize how wrong I was about them being good friends.

Despite the fact that I was in that group and that they didn’t get along with my current best friend (let’s call her E) E stuck with me. She always gave me a shoulder to cry on, even if she didn’t full understand why or what the problem was.  I wasn’t afraid to tell her things the way I was afraid to tell my other “best friends” and she most certainly never pressured me or guilted me into doing things that I didn’t want to do.

Even though we weren’t close she was always there.  Even though we didn’t have a lot in common she was there.  From 9th grade up until now E has always been the truest friend I’ve ever had.

The long and the short of it is, if that person is always next to you supporting you and listening to you, then they are a good friend.  You don’t need to have everything in common, you don’t need to spend every waking moment talking to each other, you don’t have to agree on every single little thing.  A real (and good) friend sticks with you no matter what, even if you go weeks without talking (my bff and I do that sometimes. Schedules are very hard to get around -_-).  You should be able to pick things up again as if the last time you talked was yesterday, because its not about how often you talk, or how much you have in common.  Good, real friendship is about love and support through anything and everything.

What do you consider to be a good friend? What do you look for in a good friend?  Do you think I missed something on the list?

If you have any suggestions or want to hear about something for Girls Night In you can either leave a comment or you can fill out the really simple form below. While I can’t guarantee all topics suggested will be used I will do my best to discuss things you all want to hear!

Stay tuned for next week’s post!





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6 More Ideas for the First Page of Your Journal

I’ve given this topic a lot of thought, mostly because I still have some empty notebooks and still find myself stuck in place when attempting to start writing in it. Thus came the idea to come back to writing a post about what to do to kick first page anxiety right in the butt.  I do actually have a post about this from before I wrote the “Curse of the Beautiful Notebooks and First Page Anxiety” post so if you’d like some other ideas for what to put in the first page of your journal you can check it out here.  Without further ado I give you:

  1.  Updated bucket list (I’ve really gotten into this lately it’s keeping up with crossing things off my bucket list and seeing that every time I open my journal would be a constant reminder of the things I still want to do)
  2. Pretend you’re designing the front page of a novel about your life (Even if you’re average or below average at art it’s still fun to try)
  3. Create a mini vision board (I love vision boards and do these as often as I can they’re super fun)
  4. A letter to your future self (Sounds cheesy, but I think it’s really cute I love writing letters and who better to write to than yourself?)
  5. A list of self-care (I am and always will be a big supporter/promoter of self care.  Make a list of things you do to practice self-care as a reminder to yourself every time you open your journal/notebook)
  6. Make a list of your favorite words (and their definitions) Words are one of my most favorite things in the entire world.  There are always more words to learn, but I like to have a list of my favorites on hand. 

These of course are just a few ideas that I have done/are planning to do in the future.  I coincidentally bought a new notebook yesterday for $1.80 and have once again skipped the first page.  You will most likely see an update of my first page of that notebook once it’s finished! You’ll be able to find that picture here

What about you?  What do you guys do on the first pages of your journals/notebooks? Post some pictures of the first page of your journal and tag me on twitter or instagram! I’m curious to see what you guys do.



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Girls Night In: Just Be Yourself

Hello, hello! It’s been a while I apologize for my absence on this blog, but I felt a break was necessary.  On top of that I did get quite sick with the flu and so I spent a lot of my time resting. I know that it’s not Friday, but I’m back and with a new Girls Night In Topic!

This post was actually inspired by Mags from Through My Eyes who wrote a post that really struck a chord in me (If you’d like to read it click here).  Her post was about change and about being yourself and it really got me to thinking. So this post is kind of a response post, but I really wanted to have a sit down, real talk with you guys because this is something that I feel very, very strongly about.

I mentioned this in a comment on her post, but I wanted to expand on my thoughts and opinions a little more.  I believe that there is a very thin line that we walk in changing ourselves to be the person that we want to be.  I have the firmest believe that there’s an extent to consciously choosing to change a lot about oneself. Especially if it leans too much towards becoming someone else (ex. closely modeling yourself after someone to imitate them, but at the same time I think that we’re always unconsciously changing and adjusting ourselves to be the person we want to and are meant to end up being.

Of course it’s great if you consciously want to change something about yourself like picking up new habits, or learning new things for the sake of learning, but I think a lot of the growth in terms of becoming the person you want to be happens subconsciously, as if it’s in our nature to subtly make those adjustments. I think being too aware of the changes you’re trying to make in yourself can in a way be negative to your overall person because often we end up engulfed in what we’re trying to change that we miss out on everything that we already are that we should love about ourselves.

There are a lot of people who say ‘do you’, ‘change what you want to change and be who you want to be’, but there’s a glaring question that I always ask. Where do we draw the line to how we much we change ourselves based on who we want to be?

The short and the long of it is, all the changes in who we end up being overall as people, seem to happen most unconsciously.  I don’t think that it’s wrong to make decisions in adding good habits or trying to be a better person, but I feel like beyond that, we’re meddling a little too far in who we’re meant to end up as.  Be who you are and accept what you grow to be.  There is no shame in being who you are. Be exactly who you are and be unapologetic about it.  We were all placed on this Earth to contribute uniquely as our own person.

So despite the fact that it’s an overused underwhelming phrase I think its important to say it: just be yourself.  Don’t try to be anyone else no matter how glamorous or lovely their lives or themselves as people seem.  Your biggest asset is and always will be the fact that you’re a unique individual.  Now own it!

Girls Night In will be hosted every Friday (unless specifically stated otherwise).

If you have any suggestions or want to hear about something for Girls Night In you can either leave a comment or you can fill out the really simple form below. While I can’t guarantee all topics suggested will be used I will do my best to discuss things you all want to hear!

Stay tuned for next week’s post!



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Through Your Eyes (Interview with Wander Girl)

I was interviewed by Mags from Through My Eyes! Make sure you check out her blog she is an absolute treasure.  Check out the full interview on her blog!

Through My Eyes

I am so excited to start a new interview series on Through My Eyes. The point of the series is to see things through other blogger’s eyes and get a new perspective on life. Sarah from Wander Girl and Exuberant Bookworm allowed me to interview her and I’m so excited to share what she said with me!

Mags:Why did you start blogging?

Sarah: I started blogging mostly because I was spending too much time doing nothing. After I graduated college last June I realized how little I’d done with my life goal wise.  Blogging has always interested me and was on my bucket list/goals list so I decided to try it out.  I’m not sure how I became enamored by the idea of blogging, but it was just something that I really wanted to do.

M: What’re a few things on your bucket list you hope to complete through blogging?

View original post 616 more words

Curse of the Beautiful Notebooks + First Page Anxiety

Any writer, journal-er and or stationery lover can probably attest to the dreaded curse of the beautiful notebooks. I myself, as someone who identifies as all three can admit to be sucked in time after time after time.  You go to a store see a beautiful notebook, see the beautiful pages and think ‘wow that one is perfect!’ Regardless of the growing pile of unused or semi-used notebooks sitting at home, seeing that notebook is the closest I’ve ever gotten to love at first sight and it happens every time.

So you stare at it for a while, try to convince yourself that you do not need another one.  Maybe you even walk away and come back to it after circling the store trying to convince yourself that you really, really don’t need it. After all, you’ve barely touched the ones you bought last time, but it’s just so perfect.  The cover is everything you didn’t know you needed until you saw it.  The pages are just the way you like them (I’m incredibly picky about the pages in my notebooks) and it’s only $X amount (that or you’re completely convinced it’s worth the price). I’m guilty of this.  Even though I can attest to having at least three completely untouched notebooks and several others barely written in I still reach for that beautiful notebook and leave with less money in the bank, but cradling a gorgeous notebook (or notebooks) that I definitely didn’t need.

It’s an addiction. Who are we kidding? But honestly that’s not even the worst part.  The worst part is getting home, being completely enamored with the notebook and then realizing that you have no idea what you’re going to write in it. This is usually why you go back out in a couple days time and convince yourself to get another one.  In my experience those beautifully crafted notebooks are also the most intimidating.   I’m sure that it’s a completely irrational fear to have, but the fear of messing up the notebook by writing in it is absolutely real.  I’ve spent many hours playing with the pages, flipping through them like a good novel, even though they were all blank.  It’s always so hard to get passed the idea that writing in it will destroy the whole thing.

For a while I got around that by skipping the first page and just began on the second (I call it “first page anxiety”). I reasoned that if I left the first page blank if I messed up the other pages it would still look okay when flipping the notebook open.  That grew to this weird obsession of blank first pages.  First pages are always intimidating I don’t know what it is.  It just feels so weird writing on the first page. I have this mentality that if someone were to open it and see the mess that’s spilled out from my mind onto the pages that it would be the end of the world. Dramatic? Yes.  But completely real? Also yes.  Like I said before, it’s irrational.

Soon I began to resent the fact that I had a blank first page because it felt like I wasn’t really completing my notebooks. It felt like cheating. However, I still couldn’t get over my fear of first pages, which had stemmed from buying those beautiful notebooks.  That led to me spending hours running down rabbit holes of the internet trying to find a way to get over it.  If I learned anything from those hours on my computer it was that I definitely wasn’t alone with this problem.

The best thing you can do is learn to convince yourself that what you’re going to write, draw, or do in that notebook is only going to make it better.  There’s nothing more satisfying to me than looking at a beautifully completed notebook, full of ink stains, sloppily written words and little doodles in the margins.  You have to be brave and put that pen/pencil to the paper.  Don’t think just do.  If it helps do the first page last.  And if you’re really particular about your first pages the way I am then stick to something simple.  A list. An aesthetically pleasing picture. A quote. Anything that won’t cause you anxiety when just flipping the notebook open.


Are you also victim to the curse of the beautiful notebooks? What do you do on the first pages of your notebooks? How many notebooks do you have unused right now?






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